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Top Wildflower Hikes in Aspen

Aspen's summer wildflower season is best experienced by foot on these 8,000-10,000 ft. trails:

1) American Lake – The trail rises steeply and then follows a series of switchbacks for the first 1.5 miles, then levels off with gentle rises until you reach the lake at 3.2 miles.

2) Castle Creek River Run – A beautiful 1.5-mile (one way) hike, starts at the ghost town of Ashcroft, continuing along the river to the Pine Creek Cookhouse.

3) Cathedral Lake – The trail climbs steadily and then reaches a series of switchbacks followed by a marked fork. Take the left fork to Cathedral Lake for a total hike of 3.2 miles. If hiking to Electric Pass, it is advisable to start early and descend by noon, as lightning storms are likely to occur in the afternoons.

4) Hunter Creek Trail – This is a gradual uphill climb along the Hunter Creek towards Hunter Valley where the fields fill with wildflowers.

5) Little Cloud – Offering great views of downtown Aspen and a lovely jaunt through a pine forest and wildflower fields, this trail is among Aspen's most accessible and shortest hikes. Little Cloud is situated at the base of Shadow Mountain, the rocky, sharp ridgeline that juts out from Aspen Mountain on the western side of town.

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