Proprietary Weather Forecast Data

Our goal is to create the most accurate weather forecast, period. 

On July 1, 2021, we began updating the forecasts on OpenSummit with a proprietary blend of global data from the GFS (American), GDPS (Canadian), and ICON (German) weather models, along with high-resolution data from the HRRR (American) and HRDPS (Canadian) weather models.

Previously, we used data from the National Weather Service (NOAA). While the NOAA data is great for cities and lowland environments, it limited our ability to adjust the data to create the best possible forecast for complex mountain environments with large changes in elevation.

Why is this new forecast data better than the old forecast data? The benefits include:

  • Proprietary algorithm to improve the precipitation, lightning, temperature, and wind speed calculations for mountain environments.
  • Provides the ability to create a forecast for any location (and elevation) to ensure that we are forecasting conditions on the mountain and not for a nearby town.
  • Blending multiple global and high-resolution models increases accuracy and confidence in the forecast.

The data can be viewed as hourly forecasts for the next 5 days and includes:

  • Daily High & Low Temperature
  • Hourly Chance of Precipitation
  • Hourly Lightning Potential
  • Hourly Temperature
  • Hourly Wind Speed, Gust, & Direction
  • Hourly Cloud Cover %

This new blend of proprietary forecast data is updated every hour on OpenSummit for thousands of locations across the United States and we are adding new locations every day.

Here is an example of the OpenSummit 5-day hourly lightning potential forecast for Longs Peak, Colorado in Rocky Mountain National Park:

Use the links below to view the 5-day hourly weather forecast for popular locations across the United States:

Denali, Alaska

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Half Dome, California

Mt. Rose, Nevada

Mt. Rainer, Washington

Pikes Peak, Colorado

Fruita, Colorado

Grand Teton, Wyoming

Mt. Superior, Utah

Moab, Utah

Lone Mountain, Montana

McGown Peak, Idaho

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

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