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Gear & Supplies Checklist

Being prepared with the right gear and supplies is the first step to success when getting ready for your next adventure. The following is a simple framework to reference when you entering the pre-trip planning stage:

What should I wear?

Synthetic underwear

Hiking-specific socks (wool recommended)

Short or long-sleeve shirt (synthetic or wool)

Lightweight shorts or pants

Sun-shielding hat

Hiking boots or trail-specific shoes

Lightweight fleece or synthetic jacket

What should I bring in my daypack?

Cellular phone

Water bottles or hydration system (including water treatment system)

Food (energy bars, nuts, dried fruit or meat, etc.)

Sunscreen (SPF 30+ recommended)


Topographic map

Compass or GPS

Headlamp (including extra batteries)

Lightweight gloves

Waterproof/breathable jacket or windproof shell

Waterproof/breathable pants

Basic first-aid kit

Knife or multi-tool


Signaling device or personal locator beacon

Again, this is a simple framework to reference and everyone has their own version. Test, learn and adjust and you will be on the path to success when entering the high alpine.

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