Fall Foliage Forecasts

The transition from summer to fall is arguably the most beautiful time of the year in the high country. The high peaks receive their first dusting of snow and the trees glow with gold, scarlet, and orange leaves. 

TripSavvy.com has put together a fantastic list of the best times to catch the fall foliage and here are just a few states to consider when planning your fall adventures.


Mid-to-late October.


Mid-to-late September but depending on the year, peak colors could only last about a week.


Early October in northern, central, and eastern Idaho. Mid-October in southern Idaho.


Late September and into early October. Early to mid-October for western Montana.


Mid-to-late October.


Early September at higher, northern mountain locations and into November in lower, southern areas.


Late September and early October for northern Vermont. Early to mid-October for southern Vermont.

Visit TripSavvy.com for the full state-by-state guide and don't forget to check OpenSummit for the latest hourly weather forecasts.

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