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Final Forecast for the Summer 2021 Season

Unsettled weather will linger through the weekend across the Four Corners region as well as the Olympic Peninsula and Northern Cascades, but…
Posted 1 month ago

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OpenSummit is your trusted source for the most accurate weather forecast, high-resolution map overlays, and trail conditions information.

OpenSummit Commits 1% of All-Access Sales to Carbon Removal Technologies

In 2019, we learned how to calculate our carbon footprint and offset this impact.

Proprietary Weather Forecast Data

Our goal is to create the most accurate weather forecast, period.  On July 1, 2021, we began updating the forecasts on OpenSummit with…

Estimated Trail Conditions

Before heading out on your next hike or mountain bike ride, check the estimated trail conditions in the OpenSummit app.

Current & Forecast Radar

Radar shows us if there is precipitation falling through the sky and helps you to answer the question, "Is it currently or about to rain or snow?".

Wildfire Smoke Forecast Maps

Don't get caught in the smoke. Our wildfire smoke maps highlight the approximate locations of current fires and forecast downstream smo…

Air Quality Map

In addition to the wildfire smoke forecast maps, you can now view the real-time air quality index on OpenSummit to help you plan your next a…

Real-Time Lightning Map

Don't get zapped.

Offline Maps

Headed out of service?

How To Read Clouds Above Treeline

When you're above treeline in the summer, using your eyes is a key way to stay safe.

Lightning Safety Tips

When there is lightning, the only safe place to be is inside a car or a substantial, enclosed structure.